Design Guide

How to Use the Templates:


1. Pick Your Design

Pick a design from our modern +botanical collections of wedding invites, event invitation templates, and save the dates.

2. Start Customizing

Once you purchase, a link will be emailed directly to you so you can get started! Here is where you'll pick your colors and add your information right from your desktop or mobile phone.

3. Send off to the Printer

Once complete, download a high-resolution digital file suitable to print at your favorite print shop. Recommendations are down below!

Don't Forget the Envelopes!

The best envelopes for 5 x 7" cards are A7 envelopes. You can find beautiful colors and great quality options at the following shops:

•   Paper Source

•   Jam Paper


Add Your Copy

Add Your Copy

•  Open the link emailed to you and pull up the design. 

•  Select the copy you'd like to edit and locate a text box on the right panel. Click into that text box and change your copy there. 

•  Repeat that process for the different copy changes you'd like to make.

Change the Colors

Change the Colors

Select the text or image and locate the "Change Image Color" button highlighted in yellow. 

Use the color window to choose your color, or paste a Hex code in the box. To save time you can copy + paste the hex code each time.

Export + Print

• When finished, find the left panel and select download. 

•  Download as a PDF or JPG, check the box "Show Bleed" 

• Locate the file in your downloads folder on your computer. Upload this PDF or JPG file to your printer of choice.

 Print Vendors:
•  We recommend getting your invitations printed at *
They have a great range of paper stock options and the paper feels so good in your hand! *Save 25% with our referral link. 

•  Another favorite of ours is Stationary HQ If you have multiple pieces in invitation set, they are a great vendor to have everything printed in one place.

•  Best Value Price: Vista Print

•  Local vendors:  Fed Ex, Staples, Office Depot

Text + Email Invites

Specific invitations we offer a text / email friendly format. These come with a built-in background where you can text guests quickly.

View Textable Invites